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Amulets are objects known for their protective power.

An amulet only makes sense when we intend the power we want to give it.


I see the tattoo as an amulet.

An artistic expression that I create with the intention of expressing the sensations

and energies you share with me.


When creating a drawing, I like to ritualize it.

I create an environment that nourishes me with good thoughts and good energies,

I interpret his words and references and surrender to the flow of creativity that arises. 


A day or two before our session,

I show the artwork for approval and make any changes if you wish.


When we tattoo, I like to create a pleasant experience for you,

a magical atmosphere. 

A light and comfortable environment for you to feel happy to immortalize this art on your skin.

I feel grateful to be able to manifest your amulet tattoo :)

the tattoo can be your personal magic if you let it.

In one hand, if you are open to put your intentions in this creation, you will receive the art as an amulet.
On the other hand, it can also be an art that you have a huge affection just for the aesthetic beauty.
There is no right or wrong, there is only what makes sense to you.


Hello! I am grateful for you wanting to immortalize an art with me, let's talk about it?

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Tamanho aproximado

Juliana, SP

“Amanda, this is the most beautiful tattoo I have. In addition to the meaning and incredible representation you made. The tattoo looks like a stamp. It's very clear, no flaws. The only one I have without smudges. The thin and delicate rag. May we do more projects together soon!"


Agenda for Brazil


JULY 2023
5, 6 and 7/7

booking are open


Tell me your city  that if I open the agenda there, I'll let you know!

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